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Welcome to MontanaFair’s Online Entry System
Please refer to the Cover Page of the Department Handbook for Entry Instructions
The MontanaFair only entry system uses ShoWorks Software, the major software program for fairs and livestock shows in the country.  The system is exhibitor friendly and we find that most problems for online entries stem from not fulling following the step by step requirements as instructed.  The following steps are required when entering:
Guideline for Online Entry to MontanaFair:
Registration Page – You must put in you first and last name of the exhibitor.  We require each individual to enter separately.  DO NOT ENTER a family name (ex. “Smith Family”, etc.) unless the Department you are entering has specific group classes, (ex. Schools, Groups, etc.).
4-H Clubs or FFA Chapters entering in Department A (4-H Livestock) or Department N (4-H Non-Livestock), must enter under the registered CLUB OR CHAPTER NAME and should only be entered under that specific name. System clubs and chapters should appear in drop down menu.   If your club or chapter is not listed, do not complete entry until you contact the 4-H Office at 256-2828 for 4-H clubs or email; entryoffice@metrapark.com for FFA chapters. The system must list your club or chapter before entering.
All starred (*) blanks must be filled in.  All youth must put in age and birthdate.  If adult entry which does not require age or birthdate and (*) blanks appear, please put in age 99 and birthdate 08/01/00.  
At Check Out:
4-H exhibitors who desire additional gate passes should wait until 4-H member receives their packet.  A voucher will be issued by the 4-H office for additional passes to be purchased at the MetraPark Box Office in the main arena for a discounted rate IF PURCHASED PRIOR TO FRIDAY, AUGUST 9, 2019 @ 5:00 PM.
All departments (except Dept R – Youth/School Art) have an Exhibitor’s Fee or a Livestock Fee.  Department A & N have an Exhibitor’s Fee only.  Open Departments have Exhibitor Fees or Livestock Fees, Horse Office Charge and Stall/Pen fees.  Exhibitor Fees and all other fees applicable must be added to your cart before check out (see department handbook for information on fees).  Add  the number stall fees, season passes and gate passes from the fee screen.
Enter payment information.  Fees must be paid at time of entry.  Enter your credit card information.  Payments will be processed by MontanaFair and will appear on your credit card as MontanaFair (through PayPal).  MONTANAFAIR FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE
READ and click yes on all of the liability waivers, statement of responsibility and other disclosures as necessary for the departments entered.  Type YES in the box as required.
SUBMIT ENTRIES - You will receive an email confirmation or your entries and/or payment from the online entry system almost immediately.  If you do not receive one within 24 hours of submission, please contact the entry office at 256-2400 or the 4-H Department at 256-2828 as soon as possible.
WE DO NOT ADVISE ENTERING MORE THAN ONCE.  If you must and have submitted your entry on the online system you are not able to make and changes on the entry software under the same exhibitor name and password.  You must set up as a new exhibitor by adding a middle initial and selecting a new password.   Then proceed with entry in additional departments or classes. The software will add entry fees to balance due, but will not calculate other fees until you add the number to the fee page.  The entry office will advise you if there is a balance due.
QUESTIONS: EMAIL THE entryoffice@metrapark.com for the quickest response or call (406)256-2400, office hours M-F.